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UltECO6 Slew Loader

Productivity, Efficiency & Versatility in Design

Think ahead to stay ahead. ULTECO6 – The future of whole stick sugarcane loading.

In today’s demanding and highly competitive environment, productivity coupled with efficiency is the key to success in any business. Matriarch Equipment offers your sugarcane loading operation just that in the form of the ULTECO6 Sugarcane Slew Loader.

A derivative of the smaller ULTECO5 model, the ULTECO6 incorporates enhancements to bring you an even more productive and versatile sugarcane slew loader. Such enhancements include 4-wheel drive with a steering rear axle, higher travel speed, high capacity crane bringing improved reach and lift capacity, wider push-piler including additional tines and further improved operator ergonomics in the form of a new cab layout.

The durable ULTECO6, like all Matriarch products, is manufactured using the finest quality components supplied by some of the world’s leading OEM suppliers. A great deal of care has been given to ensuring the best possible pairing of drive-line components to produce the most efficient package without compromising performance. One of the many up-sides to this design philosophy is a fuel economy unrivalled by others in its class.

Matriarch Equipment develops machinery with due consideration of harsh African conditions; the robust ULTECO6 is no exception.

If LOWEST COST PER TON is your priority, we have what you need.

We look forward to working with you.