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UltECO5 Slew Loader

Simplicity, functionality and durability in design

True to Matriarch Equipment design philosophy – the UltECO5 loader offers just that!

The Matriarch UltECO5 is a unique, purpose designed sugarcane slew loader, aimed at whole stalk harvesting operations with a focus on controlled infield traffic.

With the best match of quality components, sourced from world class suppliers across the globe, the UltECO5 offers superior operating efficiency. The ability to keep average engine RPM during loading operations low, contributes to excellent fuel economy and reduced wear and tear on major components.

The rugged, simple mechanical and hydraulic systems on this machine help to enhance both durability and serviceability. Maintenance access to all components on the UltECO5 loader is achieved with ease.

Best operator ergonomics have not been forgotten in the design of the UltECO5. The operator cab slews in conjunction with the loader crane, which ensures that the operator is always facing the loading task at hand. The operator workstation layout helps to create a productive working environment, with joystick type controls for the slew, crane and grapple functions, coupled with foot pedals for drive and steering of the machine.

Great emphasis has been placed on maintaining a low centre of gravity, so that this machine is able to tolerate loading on sloping lands. Two different grapple and piler configurations are offered, to best suit varying infield conditions.

Designed with the harsh African conditions in mind, the robust Matriarch UltECO5 loader brings to you the ultimate in economical sugar cane slew loading.

We look forward to working with you!

We look forward to working with you.