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Indexator’s rotators exclusively use vane motors, which ensures high torque and flexibility. The vane motor’s efficiency level is best at the low RPMs that are used in positioning – which is the rotator’s primary task.

Indexator’s vane motors also have a well-balanced braking ability. Through that, the strain is lower and wear and tear is minimized. The entire machine has a more productive life and the rotator has a longer lifetime.

Indexator Rotators

Heavy duty rotators for jobs in tough environments

New heavy duty Indexator models GV 12 SA for loggers and IR 12 L for excavators!

Indexator’s GV12 SA are primarily intended for loggers and small cranes. GV 12 / 10 tonne capacity. Designed for the most rough working environments. The GV 12 employ the most advanced design and components for long service life. “The world’s most popular forestry rotator”.

The Heavy Duty IR12L rotators are primarily intended for excavators, large cranes and skidders.These are rotators for the really tough jobs like timber handling & everywhere the demands on rotator function is extremely high.

ROBUST ROTATORS | Durable construction – built and mounted to handle both axial and radial loads.

HIGH TORQUE VANE MOTORS | The motors have high torque strength. The modular design together with few moving parts make these rotators durable and easy to service. Documented long lifetime.

BUILT-IN DESIGN | The products are designed to be built into different models of grapples and other tools – compact and well protected.

MODULAR STRUCTURE | Only three main modules: motor, shaft and housing, which together, form a compact body. The modular design also allows mechanical operation, in other words, without the motor.

RIGHT CHOICE OF MATERIALS | Carefully tested materials and components ensure good characteristics and sustainability over time.

QUALITY ASSURED | Every rotator is tested individually before delivery. All functions are inspected and ensured.

SERVICE & BACKUP | Efficient spare part distribution and comprehensive Parts holding.

BEST TOTAL ECONOMY | Indexator’s rotators contribute to a high level of productivity and good profitability – regardless of the type of machine, crane and grapple.

We look forward to working with you.